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Anonymous: Will you be an amazing person and tell people to follow me on Instagram? It's __lgbt_love_is_love__ I will love you forever and buy you pizza

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Anonymous: Hi .... I'm a girl and your the most beautiful creature in the world I would be your wife and our pets could be like out children ;) and we can no harsh fuck 💋 , your like the most amazing and pretty beautiful hot girl for me .... And if people say your not well there just jelly becAsue admit you are beautiful because for me you fucking are ! ;D

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Do you like the way I flick my tongue? 😏

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Love and Lesbians ♡
chill-for-best-results: If I was your girlfriend I'd work hard to show you how much if love you every day. If you were bored, I'd come pick you up and we could go on an adventure together. We would always go enoing and if you were at work one day, I'd come and visit you just so I could see your gorgeous face. When you got sick I'd come over and make you soup and have a netflix marathon all day. I would talk with your mom and dad and try to be friends with them. Most of all, I'd make sure that you always felt wanted

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Anonymous: I think I wanna be with you for the rest of my life. My girlfriend, my wife, the owner of our pets :c your beautiful to me and I adore you. Your funny too!

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Anonymous: I think you are absolutely beautiful , and I love your blog 😍 do you date any race? What kind of girl do you look for?

I look for anyone I’m attracted too. Race doesn’t matter.